Reviews of Special Education Programs
Prince George’s County, Maryland


The objective of this website is to collect and share information about special education programs and services offered by private and public schools in Prince George’s County, Maryland. This service is meant to offer parents of children with special needs a means to share information about their experiences at individual schools, and rate several aspects of special education programs offered at each school. Many public schools  are included on this website, and Academies and Dedicated Special Schools as well private schools will be added soon.

This service is sponsored by R2M Innovations, LLC and it is not affiliated with Prince George’s County Public Schools or any of the private schools listed. The service is completely free and is aligned with the broader mission of R2M Innovations, a startup founded by the parent of a child with special needs and focusing on developing solutions to improve the life of people with disabilities. The views that are expressed on this website are the views of parents who have volunteered to contribute to the discussion and do not represent the views of R2M Innovations, LLC.

How to use this website

This website can be used to share your own experiences about schools in Prince George’s County and to check what other parents have to say. Please be an active contributor and share your experience! Below is a list of steps to use this website.

  • Use the menu above to lookup schools by category or use the search box on the right to look for a specific school.
  • Check the ratings of a specific schools and see what other parents have commented.
  • Reply to other parents’s comments
  • Post your own comments and your own review of the school by rating it with respect to the five aspects described in the next section (inclusiveness, staffing and resources, cooperation, communication, academic expectations).
  • Check what are the top rated schools across the county.


Please rate schools with respect to the following aspects on a scale from 0 to 10.
  • Inclusiveness: Does the school have a culture of inclusion and inclusive practices in place (e.g., co-teaching)? Are these practices effectively and systematically implemented?
  • Staffing and resources: Does the school have staff and resources to accommodate a wide range of special needs?
  • Cooperation: Does the school staff exhibit a cooperative approach by accepting/requesting the parents’ input, listening to concerns, and attempting to resolve disagreements?
  • Communication: Does the school implement progress monitoring plans? Does the staff regularly communicate with parents with respect to their child’s progress and challenges? Is the staff responsive when contacted?
  • Academic expectations: Does the staff systematically set high expectations for students with special needs? Does the staff systematically raise expectations when IEP goals are met ahead of time?


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